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APS Power BI (beta)Connector

    Power BI data connectors are software components or drivers that allow Power BI, a powerful business analytics tool developed by Microsoft, to connect to various data sources. These connectors serve as bridges between Power BI and different data platforms like APS OnLine, enabling users to access, retrieve, and visualize data from diverse sources within Power BI for reporting and analysis.

    APS Payroll has developed a Power BI data connector to allow clients to access certain APS OnLine data to generate reports beyond those available in the APS OnLine Reporting platform and exports. The data set will likely expand over time as APS gains a better understanding of clients’ ad hoc reporting needs.

    Requesting APS Power BI Connector Access

    API token access must first be requested before APS clients are able to leverage the APS Power BI Connector. Currently APS is waiving all API access related fees for clients given APS Power BI Connector access.

        Request Access

    Once you have been provided with your token credentials then you are ready to get started.

    Using APS Power BI Connector

    Follow these steps below to begin your Power BI reporting journey with APS.

    1. Download Power BI from the Microsoft website if you do not already have it installed on your computer.
    2. Download the APS Power BI Connector. Click on the file image below to download. The file type will be .mez.

      Place the file in the following specific location:
      C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors
    3. Adjust your Security / Data Extensions to allow the .mez file extension to be recognized. Open Power BI Desktop and navigate to File >> Options and Settings >> Option >> Security >> Data Extensions. Choose “Allow any extension to load without validation or warning” and click the OK button. Don’t forget to restart Power BI Desktop.
    4. Launch Power Bi Desktop application.
    5. Select Get Data.
    6. Search for “APS” and select the APS Connector.
    7. Enter your Account key information which is the API token credential provided by APS.
    8. Select your data based on your report needs.
    9. Load the data into Power BI Desktop to leverage the available reporting functionality such as modeling, relationship design, and formatting of results.