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Stephen Boogaerts


    Our objective is to provide the best developer experience for those interested in integrating with APS. Our fully-documented APIs and integrations allow you to interact with your data on your terms, unlocking value for your operations and empowering you to achieve a high level of… Read More »Welcome


      The APS developer portal is a one-stop solution for developers looking to use and integrate with our APIs. Use our portal to discover and get inspired by the catalog of APIs we offer, or read our comprehensive documentation to build your connection to our API… Read More »Overview

      APS Power BI (beta)Connector

        Power BI data connectors are software components or drivers that allow Power BI, a powerful business analytics tool developed by Microsoft, to connect to various data sources. These connectors serve as bridges between Power BI and different data platforms like APS OnLine, enabling users to… Read More »APS Power BI (beta)Connector

        API Resources

          Before you’re able to make an API call, you will first need to request access. Among the information needed when submitting your request are the following: Once the request for access has been received by APS, an APS staff member will approve the request by… Read More »API Resources

          API Authentication

            The primary authentication method for the APS API is via the API Key method. This token is issued during the API onboarding process and must be included in the Authorization request header. API Key Authentication Example Obtaining an API Token During the API onboarding process,… Read More »API Authentication

            API Change Log

              Here you will find information about recent updates made to the API. Most updates are released bi-weekly on Wednesday. September 2023

              Attendance Endpoint

                The API Attendance endpoint returns attendance details for an entire company or single employee from employee time cards based on dates provided. See the API Reference page for an example response. Note that sensitive data on the employee record – SSN, bank account, etc. –… Read More »Attendance Endpoint

                Company Endpoint

                  The API Company endpoint returns a list of companies that the provided token has access to. In addition to the company list, the endpoint also provides employee census information, company information, a list of departments for a company and much more. See the API Reference… Read More »Company Endpoint

                  Department Endpoint

                    The API Department endpoint returns details about the department that has the given department ID. See the API Reference page for an example response. Note that sensitive data on the employee record – SSN, bank account, etc. – cannot be accessed through the API.